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Hertzler Among First Guests At Canada’s Vul-Con

Convention separates from popular Spock Days celebration in Vulcan, Alberta

There is still plenty of Star Trek fun for those who don’t mind venturing north of the United States border. And now there may be a little more fun than before.

Instead of just Spock Days, which the small Alberta town hosts each year, it will start a new convention called Vul-Con. It will take place one month after Spock Days, with the inaugural event featuring “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” star J.G. Hertzler.

Hertzler, who played the Klingon Martok in the series, will make his second trip to Vulcan, stopping by a decade ago for Spock Days, Vulcan Tourism administrator Devan Daniels told the local paper, the Vulcan Advocate. Stars of the television series and movies have come to Vulcan in the past for a convention-like atmosphere that makes up Spock Days, but this will be the first time that the convention and the celebration become separate events.

Vul-Con is slated for July 24-26.

Vulcan is located about 90 minutes southwest of Calgary, and has a population of less than 2,000. Yet, the town doubles its size each year for its annual Star Trek events, a theme the town took on since the early 1990s, capitalizing on the coincidence of its name to the popular planet in the Star Trek series. The town’s name, however, was given to it in 1915, long before Star Trek, and had the same named source as Spock’s world: The Roman god of fire.

To learn more about Vul-Con, visit VulcanTourism.com.

Hertzler has dabbled in politics in recent years. He’s now a councilman in Ulysses, New York, in a term that is slated to end in November.

Source: Vulcan Advocate

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