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Filming Schedule Casts Doubt On Bryan Cranston Rumors

‘Breaking Bad’ actor has been rumored to play a different baddie in ‘Star Trek 3’

Fans of Walter White (and maybe even “Malcolm in the Middle”) would love to see Bryan Cranston bring his Emmy-winning acting to the USS Enterprise, pitting Heisenberg and Capt. Kirk. But is there any truth to the rumor?

Reports like this usually have some grain of accuracy, whether it be from a producer putting a name like Cranston on a wish list to actual negotiations taking place. But if Cranston really is getting ready to take on “Star Trek 3,” he’s going to be quite tired when he’s done.

That’s because Cranston is set to star in “The Infiltrator,” a film based on the true story of U.S. Customs Agent Robert Mazur, who infiltrated drug cartels led by Pablo Escobar using the playboy identity of Robert Musella. Production for that film is set to start within days, with shooting locations stretching from Europe to Florida, with an expected wrap in late May.

If Cranston is part of that production to the end, that would give him very little downtime before he would have to jet up to Vancouver to start filming “Star Trek 3” in June. It’s not unheard of for actors to take on back-to-back roles like that, but it is unusual.

That doesn’t mean Cranston wouldn’t do it. The actor has been mum about the rumors that have circulated for more than a month.

However, another fact that might stop the Cranston rumors dead in its tracks is that when he was first reported to be considering a role in “Star Trek 3,” production was expected to begin in April. Since the shooting schedule for “Infiltrator” had already been in place for months, taking up all of April and even May, if the Trek production schedule was indeed accurate at the time, Cranston would not have been available at all.

The new schedule is reportedly based on necessary script rewrites as well as director Justin Lin being afforded a little extra pre-production time since he’s coming in late to replace previously announced director Roberto Orci. Lin has tapped “Dark Blue” producer Doug Jung to rewrite the script, with the help of actor Simon Pegg.

Cranston might be an interesting choice for a Trek movie, but it’s not clear what kind of draw he would have. His big-budget film last year, “Godzilla,” grossed a respectable $200 million but fell far short of studio estimates.

Source: 1701News

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