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Picardo’s Estranged Wife Arrested In Murder Investigation

Police are calling Linda Pawlik an accessory after the fact in fatal L.A. shooting

Police have arrested the wife of “Star Trek: Voyager” star Robert Picardo after accusing her of being an accessory to a murder last year in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department says Linda Pawlik was involved in the killing of Edward Mello, 43, last October at a Ventura Boulevard hotel. Officers already arrested Jorge Rodriguez in November and charged him in the shooting, and say Pawlik is accused to being an accessory “after the fact,” according to CBS Los Angeles.

Mello died from a single gunshot wound, and his death originally was investigated as a suicide, according to media reports. It’s not clear how Pawlik became involved, except that Picardo has filed papers with the court in an ongoing divorce proceeding that claimed the gun used to allegedly kill Mello was registered to Pawlik. Picardo had filed for divorce from Pawlik in 2012 after 28 years of marriage. Pawlik had been living in the couple’s guest house, but a judge ordered her to move after the actor known as the holographic doctor in “Voyager” claimed she was under investigation in the shooting, according to LAist.

The divorce has been messy, including Pawlik’s claims that Picardo was having an affair with television personality and scientist Bill Nye. Picardo denies the claims, and says he and Nye are nothing more than friends.

“I’d made it to 60 without having sex with a man, and a ‘walk on the wild side’ at this age seemed unlikely to anyone who knows me,” Picardo said in court documents, according to TMZ. Pawlik claimed she put a GPS tracking device on Picardo’s car, and said her husband and Nye spent three hours together in the scientist’s bedroom.

Even fans are seemingly helping the “Voyager” actor get distance from his estranged wife. Pawlik was listed on Picardo’s Wikipedia page, even highlighting the couple’s ongoing divorce. However, all references to Pawlik were removed in December 2013, and never returned.

Pawlik was released after her $620,000 bail was posted, according to reports.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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