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25 Years Later: Bombshells From ‘Best Of Both Worlds’

How one line, ‘To be continued,’ changed ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ forever

It’s hard to imagine now, but despite the introduction of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1987, the 1980s still belonged to Capt. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the crew of the original USS Enterprise. Few took the show seriously, and it even spilled over into the conventions. “The fans were split on the acceptance of the show,” said Ronald D. Moore, one of TNG’s writers who would go on to redevelop “Battlestar Galactica” for Syfy. “You would go to conventions and there would be bumper stickers and T-shirts that basically said, ‘I’m a real Trekker. Forget the bald guy.’ Stuff l …
 | Jun-21-2015 | 
Guidelines Eliminate Fan-Film ‘Arms Race,’ CBS Says

Licensing head John Van Citters clarifies new rules on official podcast

Fan-films have always been intended for fans to express their love in Star Trek. But in recent years — with the advent of stronger production, fundraising and distribution tools to average people — some fan-films have gone too far. Because of that, CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures have released a new set of guidelines for Trek fan-films which one CBS executive says will end what has become an “arms race” in terms of fundraising, attracting big-name talen …
 | Jun-29-2016 | 
Set A Course For Star Trek Las Vegas

A fan survival guide for the enterprising convention-goer

Our favorite DS-Niners along with more than 100 Star Trek and science-fiction favorites are descending upon Sin City for Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Las Vegas convention. Go once more unto the breach to celebrate not only fandom, but the 20th anniversary of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” — the series that changed the way fans viewed the Roddenberry universe. Creation will pack non-stop, around the clock entertainment into an unprecedented four day Tre …
 | Aug-6-2013 |