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Nichelle Nichols Returning To Convention Circuit

Just weeks after suffering a stroke, TOS actress won’t bow out

It’s going to take far more than a stroke to keep Nichelle Nichols away from conventions, and that’s enough to keep her legion of fans quite happy.

A little more than a month after the “Star Trek: The Original Series” actress suffered a minor stroke, Nichols is planning to be back in front of fans again when she makes a visit to Dragon Con in Atlanta.

The massive East Coast convention is set for Sept. 4-7, and not only will the 82-year-old show up in Atlanta, but she’ll serve as grand marshal of the Dragon Con parade on Sept. 5.

Other Star Trek alums expected to journey to Atlanta include Terry Farrell from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” Jonathan Frakes from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Gary Lockwood from the second “Star Trek” pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

Nichols is not listed among the guests scheduled for the annual official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas next weekend, although castmates like William Shatner, George Takei and Walter Koenig are expected to attend.

However, the following weekend, Nichols plans to warm up for Dragon Con by heading to Monroeville, Pennsylvania, for Steel City Con. That convention, taking place just outside of Pittsburgh, features a lot of faces from Star Wars, “Farscape” and even the Karate Kid films. However, Nichols appears to be the only major Trek actor attending the convention, which will run Aug. 7-9 at the Monroeville Convention Center.

People close to Nichols said she did not suffer any paralysis or other major debilitating problems surrounding her stroke and has been recovering quickly.

Before her medical scare, Nichols had been busy not just on the convention circuit but acting as well. She was in the independent production “The White Orchid” as well as the comedy “Unbelievable” with fellow alums Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Nana Visitor, Chase Masterson and Jeffrey Combs.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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