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Picard Maneuvers Way Into New Beer

New Minnesota-based brew called Make It So after a popular TNG captain

Capt. Picard might have hot Earl Grey tea in his ready room, but what will he have in Ten Forward?

Brewmaster Nick Hemfer has the answer: Make It So.

Not the famous Patrick Stewart phrase from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” mind you. But the specialty craft beer developed by Hemfer at Summit Brewing Co. in St. Paul, Minn.

“I thought it would be cool to honor Capt. Picard with a beer,” Hemfer recently told St. Cloud Times reporter Jake Laxen. “I wouldn’t say I’m a Trekkie, but I love the show. I’m a big science-fiction nerd.”

The beer was inspired by Hemfer seeing Picard order his favorite drink on television, and thought it would be the perfect brew to debut this weekend in a celebration at the brewery that will include the Twin Cities Star Trek fan club.

It’s the 19th flavor unleashed through Summit’s Unchained series and is infused with Earl Grey tea leaves as a counterpoint to the malty, herbal flavor of the beer, according to the brewery’s website. Likely fearing legal action from CBS Television, the brewery doesn’t officially say it’s connected to Star Trek at all, only that it was “inspired by Nick’s favorite sci-fi TV show.”

The limited release beer uses five different hops with Thames Valley yeast. But then again, we’re not necessary craft beer aficionados, so you can read the spec sheet by clicking here. The color of the brew, by the way, is “Away Team Red.”

Finding the brew might not be easy, even though Summit distributes in 15 states. Those states — from Kansas to Pennsylvania — all surround Minnesota. However, anyone wanting to learn more can visit SummitBrewing.com.

Source: St. Cloud Times

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