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‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Images Leaked, YouTube Pulls Video

A first look at Sofia Boutella’s alien character, and Capt. Kirk’s away uniform

It was bound to happen eventually, and it finally did. Some photos have leaked from the production of “Star Trek: Beyond” in Vancouver featuring film series star Chris Pine and co-star Sofia Boutella, revealing her new alien look.

Screen Crush scored the images and video, which had been posted on YouTube on Thursday until Paramount Pictures made a copyright claim, forcing the video to be removed. The news outlet responded, however, with some animated gifs from the video, which can be found by clicking here.

The images feature an almost completely unrecognizable Boutella, who got her big break last year in “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” She appears to have completely white hair, white skin and some odd facial markings, although it’s not clear if those are markings from her race or facial tattoos.

Boutella’s involvement in the new movie was revealed in April.

One of the reasons pictures have been scarce so far from the set is that most of the filming has taken place indoors, Screen Crush’s Mike Sampson said. This particular scene, however, had moved outdoors, complete with green screen that will be replaced by some kind of virtual environment.

The other big reveal from the photos seems to be a change in uniform for Starfleet personnel — particularly away mission uniforms. The jackets appear to have the new Starfleet emblem on the shoulder that director Justin Lin revealed earlier this summer.

Filming continues for “Beyond,” which is set to debut next July.

Source: Screen Crush

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