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How Much Would You Pay For Roddenberry’s Trek Bloopers?

One anonymous Craigslist poster has valued his claim at $40 million

One of the very first public tiffs between “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry and one of his legendary stars Leonard Nimoy was over a blooper reel Roddenberry would take with him to various conventions around the country.

The bloopers, now a common sight for many television shows — especially with the advent of the Internet — were a rare find, especially in the 1970s when “Star Trek’s” popularity was exploding.

Roddenberry reportedly owned three reels of bloopers, stretches of film he literally took out of the trash at the Desilu lot, representing a real for each season. Eventually, fans would secretly record these presentations, and then distributing them on their own through the VHS tape chain.

What happened to those reels, no one really knows. However, Roddenberry Entertainment — a co-owner of 1701News — believes those reels still likely exist in the family’s archives, especially since Roddenberry was known to keep just about everything he could. That has yet to be verified, however.

A Craigslist poster in Miami, however, not only claims to possess the reels, but is willing to sell those reels and a Bruce Lee “film test” for $40 million … each.

The poster, who did not identify himself — even when asked by 1701News — claims that the reels are 16mm, and were “shown at some of the very first” comic-cons in San Diego, “witch (sic) makes tem (sic) very valuable,” according to the posting. “And the films have not been played after that.”

The poster said he would only authenticate the film for those who provide “proof of funds.” When asked directly about these films by 1701News in an email, the poster responded that he is “only interested in a buyer that can provide they have the funds.” He added that he was requiring a $250,000 “non nonrefundable deposit” before he would even provide authentication.

So basically, if you want to authenticate these films, you are being required to provide a non-refundable payment of $250,000. Talk about calling the raise to see someone’s poker hand.

Even if the reels are real, would the original be worth $40 million? Even the original command chair from the USS Enterprise used by William Shatner in the 1960s television series sold for just $265,000 in 2002. Even adjusted for inflation, that’s just $351,000.

Craigslist does not vet advertisements in advance, but instead relies on a system of users flagging ads. After four days, this particular ad remains online. However, 1701News, is choosing not to share the link because of the questionable claims made in the advertisement.

Source: 1701News

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