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Simon Pegg: Roddenberry Was Pioneer, Humanist

EXCLUSIVE: What prank fooled most of the cast?

To say that "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is a thematically dark movie may be something of an understatement. It showcases death, destruction and terrorism on a scale that its predecessors rarely attempted, and it does so with a style and edge completely unique to director J.J. Abrams' vision. But with such devastation changing the principles of the Federation (and Starfleet), "Into Darkness" remains a movie about human heart, human ambition and the human drive to always be better … values that can only be termed as "very Roddenberry," as in franchise creator Gene Roddenberry ...
 | May-13-2013 | 
'Into Darkness' Teaches Kirk To Respect The Chair

EXCLUSIVE: Karl Urban says fans also will never forget Benedict Cumberbatch

It was a characteristically cloudy day in the British capital of London last weekend when "Star Trek: Into Darkness" made its premiere across the pond. However, there is a charge to the air as the customary red carpet has been transformed into an opulent white, almost as if to contrast the harsh darkness that permeates the latest outing of Gene Roddenberry's long-running franchise. And like 2009's "Star Trek" relaunch, "Into Darkness" takes the familiar universe and gives it a rougher edge, filled with a sharper level of threat and malevolence. But amongst it all, there is a s ...
 | May-8-2013 | 
'Wonder Woman' Looks To Recruit Capt. Kirk

Chris Pine is rumored for the role of Steve Trevor, a young American who lures Princess Diana from her home

Chris Pine is sticking to major franchises, looking to top his outings as both Capt. Kirk and Jack Ryan with something a little new: "Wonder Woman." No, Pine is not taking on the title role — that's already gone to Gal Gadot. Instead, Variety reports Pine will play Steve Trevor. That comic book version of the character was a World War II Army intelligence officer who crashes into the home of Princess Diana, who falls in love and then follows him outside the Amazons. It's not clear when "Wonder Woman" will film, although it is expected to be released in 2017. Pine is ...
 | May-28-2015 |