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The Troll That Alec Peters Built

Guest columnist Sandy Greenberg talks about how Axanar case affects him

I think I was destined to love science-fiction. I was born while the Apollo 9 mission was in Earth orbit testing the lunar module. I like to think my first moments of life were listening to the live broadcast of it. When I came home from the hospital, my mum would nurse me while watching the last few episodes of the original “Star Trek.” It's mainly because of her I love sci-fi. Growing up, the only books in the house were by Asimov, Bova, Herbert and many more. One of my beliefs regarding science-fiction is that more is better, and I like nearly everything. From cl ...
 | Mar-16-2016 | 
CBS Takes On Dragon-Con With Anniversary Convention

Star Trek: Mission New York is slated for Labor Day weekend, not far from the site of the first Trek convention

As if there aren't enough major conventions to go to each year, it looks like CBS is going to do something it may have never done before: host a Star Trek convention. CBS Corp., the owner of the television and primary license rights to the Star Trek franchise, says its New York City convention in March will mark the 50th anniversary of the science-fiction phenomenon. Star Trek: Mission New York is set for the weekend of Sept. 2 at the Javits Center in New York City. The convention is described as a "completely unique fan event unlike anything seen before," according to a st ...
 | Jan-26-2016 |