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Axanar Crash: Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss

PLUS: Language Creation Society's Klingon language brief rejected

Lawyers from both sides of a copyright infringement case against an "independent" Star Trek fan-film met in court for the first time Monday. And afterward, one of the defendants in that case was optimistic — even announcing plans to restart production of "Star Trek: Axanar" next year. But Tuesday, Judge R. Gary Klausner dropped a huge hammer on "Axanar," denying completely the fan-film's motion to dismiss. Which means the suit filed by CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures against Axanar Productions and its principal, Alec Peters, will move forward at full force. "We should be h ...
 | May-10-2016 | 
Original 'Star Trek' Prop Phaser Up For Auction

Sellers hope to pick up $60,000 for the rare item

Ever wonder how much a phaser cost to the people onboard the Enterprise? It's assumed officers — especially red shirts — got them for free. But anyone who wants to own one in the 21st century instead of the 23rd might need to take out a loan. The phaser prop, made out of fiberglass, is said to be one of just two in existence. According to Propworx, which is selling the item, the phaser first appeared in an original episode of "Star Trek" in March 1968 on NBC. The company's hope is to fetch $60,000. According to the British Daily Express, the phaser prop was owned by Desi ...
 | Jan-25-2015 |