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Lien Starting To Make Amends After Legal Trouble

Former 'Voyager' actor pays restitution to police department for one mishap

Jennifer Lien is still seeking mental health treatment after some recent run-ins with law enforcement in Tennessee, and has now settled up at least one of those legal clashes.

Lein, who played Kes in "Star Trek: Voyager," paid nearly $2,300 in restitution to the Harriman Police Department in Roane County, Tennessee, earlier this week. The money reimburses the police department for damage Lien allegedly made on a police cruiser during an incident in April 2015.

But that won't be the end of that particular case, however.

"She paid her restitution, and the state agreed to set the case off for six months to give her an opportunity to continue to get mental health treatment," Lien's public defender, Kim Nelson, told Roane County News. "It is a favorable agreement that we reached with the state."

Lien's legal trouble made news last September after Harriman police arrested her for allegedly exposing herself to three children following an argument with a neighbor. According to reports at the time, Lien apparently didn't like how the neighbor was raising her kids, and exposed both her breasts and butt to the children.

Lien was charged with indecent exposure and was released from the Roane County jail after posting $2,500 bail last year.

Harriman is a small town of fewer than 6,500 people, about two hours east of Nashville.

Lien left "Voyager" in 1997 after her contract wasn't renewed, making room for Jeri Ryan's portrayal of the Borg Seven of Nine.

Source: Roane County News

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