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Warp Drive Is For Real ... In Virginia

Aerospace company shares its love for Star Trek with street naming

Motorists traveling State Route 28 outside of Sterling, Virginia, can get their geek on every time they drive past the exit leading to Orbital Sciences Corp. That's because they can take that exit at warp speed.

Photos of a highway sign describing Warp Drive has been making the social media rounds. And while such photos are typically more fake than real, it seems this one is, in fact, genuine.

Warp Drive is an actual street leading into the aerospace company just outside of Dulles, Virginia, in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Before Orbital Sciences moved in, and when AOL and MCI were located there, the road was actually known as Steeplechase Drive. But a few executives at the company were Star Trek fans, according to Slate, and felt there could be a better entrance to the headquarters.

The company petitioned the Sterling city government to change the name of the road, and to their surprise, was well-received. All Orbital Sciences had to do was pay for a new sign, which cost the billion-dollar company just $500.

Although Orbital Sciences is in Sterling, it uses the more regional (and better-known) Dulles name as an alternative address.

Sterling has a population of just under 28,000, where comedian Patton Oswalt spent much of his youth.

As cool as the Warp Drive name is, the one in Virginia isn't the first. Other Warp Drives are located on some farmland in Oakland, Maryland, as well as Bethel Township, Pennsylvania.

Source: Slate

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