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Disney Options Book From Former Trek Fan-Fic Writer

Charlie N. Holmberg could soon be dazzling audiences with 'The Paper Magician'

Just as fan-films can help people break into the film business, so it can be said about fan-fiction, too.

You remember that, right? Fans writing stories about their favorite characters on their favorite shows?

It's something that has existed in Star Trek fandom almost literally from Day One, and the Internet is now filled with thousands of stories not just on the Enterprise, but across many different television shows.

Charlie Holmberg was one of those fan-fic writers, contributing stories about "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to FanFiction.net. But soon you could be seeing her non-Star Trek work up on the big screen, thanks to The Walt Disney Co.

Disney has picked up the film rights to Holmberg's first book, "The Paper Magician," which some fans believe could be the next Harry Potter-sized story franchise. Disney already has attached Hunger Games and Star War producer Allison Shearmur to the project, although the film concept itself is still in development.

Holmberg first published "Paper Magician" as an ebook with Amazon in September 2014, according to The Hollywood Reporter, following it up two months later with "The Glass Magician," and then "The Master Magician" last June.

"Paper Magician" is about a young girl, Ceony Twill, who makes her way into a magic school where students learn to animate man-made materials. However, Ceony becomes sad when she gets relegated to some of the "lower" magic working with paper, when she really would prefer to animate metal. She graduates and becomes an apprentice, but suddenly finds herself going face-to-face with an evil and powerful magician that puts her mentor's life on the line.

Ceony has to discover what kind of magic really is in her.

Holmberg describes herself as a nerd on her official website, who started writing fan-fiction as a teenager in between episodes of TNG. She took to writing more seriously while seeking her English degree at Brigham Young University.

"After studying Japanese for four years and attempting a bit of origami, I thought it would be fun to write about origami that came to life," Holmberg told the Association for Mormon Letters in early 2015. "I initially wanted that to be a side-magic to a larger system, but ultimately made it the focus of the story."

Paper magic in the books is known as "folding," and it's a dying art. "She's only an apprentice for a few weeks before a strange woman barges into her mentor's home, literally rips his heart from his chest, and vanishes," Holmberg said. "Ceony folds her mentor a paper replacement, but it will only last so long. So it's up to her to get the real heart back."

Disney has released no timetable for when such a film could be produced, but Holmberg is prepping her next book release, "Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet," this June.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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