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'Sledgehammer' Video Makes Imax Premiere Thursday

Rihanna song part of 'Star Trek: Beyond' soundtrack

You've heard it. You've seen it attached to a trailer for "Star Trek: Beyond." And come Thursday, Rihanna's "Sledgehammer" will debut its video on Imax screens everywhere.

The video is reportedly the first music video to ever be shot entirely with Imax cameras, according to Polygon. In fact, the same Imax cameras used to film "Captain America: Civil War" were used for "Sledgehammer."

It's still not clear if the new video will feature any scenes from "Beyond," although movie tie-ins typically do include images from the film.

Not near an Imax on Thursday morning? That's OK. The video will migrate to other streaming platforms like Vevo an hour later, making it available to the entire world.

For those who can't wait, the pop artist who has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, released a small preview of the video on her Twitter account.

Rihanna also filmed a promotional video wearing a T-shirt celebrating the classic "Star Trek" series, saying that the franchise has been a part of her life since she was a little girl.

"My dad is the one who really introduced me to Star Trek," she said. "It took me just one episode to fall in love with this other world that I didn't understand, but felt I could relate to. You always felt emotionally connected with the characters, and whatever they were going through."

"Sledgehammer," the singer said, "needed to be big, and impactful, emotional, very dramatic and haunting at the same time."

"Sledgehammer" was written by Rihanna, Sia Furler and Jesse Shatkin, and is the first single from the "Beyond" soundtrack.

Watch the video now right here!

Source: Polygon

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