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Welcome To The World ... Zale Eugene Roddenberry

Heidi Roddenberry, and husband Eugene, proud parents of a little boy

The Roddenberry family legacy continues as Heidi Roddenberry, wife of Eugene Roddenberry Jr., gave birth to a son Aug. 6.

This is the first child for Heidi and Rod, and would be the first grandchild between the late "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry and wife Majel Barrett Roddenberry. He was born just before 10:40 p.m. PT, and weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces.

His name? Zale Eugene Roddenberry, taking his middle name not only from his father and paternal grandfather, but also the middle name of Heidi's father. Rod joked back in May that he and Heidi had not come up with any names, and might just go with "Khan Roddenberry."

Rod also said the couple considered calling him "Ryker," and while it was not an homage to Jonathan Frakes' character on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," that association might be enough to end that prospect.

Including "Eugene," however, was something the two had decided to do from the beginning.

"It was too much of a coincidence and a good omen to have both of our fathers have that in their name," Roddenberry told 1701News.

For the first name, that came from a love both Rod and Heidi have of the ocean and the Earth. "Zale" is Greek for "power of the sea," Roddenberry said.

Heidi delivered Zale Eugene using a technique known as Hypnobabies, a form of meditation and self-hypnosis that eliminates the need for drugs.

Zale Eugene is already home, and is getting acclimated to his new frontier of life.

"He's been amazing," Rod said. "He's asleep here on my chest, and I love him to death."

Source: 1701News

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