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Sorry London: Las Vegas Breaks Trek World Record

DS9 star Terry Farrell joins nearly 1,100 costumed fans in one room

They were just a little short last year, but Creation Entertainment was able to corral more than enough people to shatter a world record that has stood for the past two years.

More than a thousand people showed up to the DeForest Kelley Auditorium at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas on Saturday to earn a place in the "Guinness World Records" book, and all of them were dressed in Star Trek costumes.

The final tally? 1,086 -- including "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" star Terry Farrell, who promised during her panel earlier that she would be there. She was No. 1,085 and donned a T-shirt costume she received earlier from Roddenberry.com, and celebrated with the fans who had been gathering for nearly two hours.

The record to beat was 1,063, set by a London convention in 2012. More than 300 people waited in line outside the ballroom ahead of the event, and about one hour in, there were a lot of doubts in the room that enough people would show up.

Yet, even as the stream of people coming in started to slow to a trickle, the count being displayed on a large screen in the front of the room continued to climb.

There was some optimism when the number hit 950, but it wasn't until it was announced that 1,000 people had come into the room that many become excited, cheering every single person who walked through the door in a Star Trek costume.

And there were all types. Federation, Klingon, Bajoran, Borg, Vulcan ... even the alien who portrayed God in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" was there. He posed for pictures with two Syboks.

The record will now stand until someone else is able to break it. Farrell said she would return next year with a custom-made costume. She hadn't thought about exactly what it would be, but she did say it would not be Borg. Too complicated, she told the crowd.

At the end, some fans held up a banner congratulating Rod Roddenberry and wife Heidi Roddenberry on the birth of their new child this past week. You can read more about Zale Eugene Roddenberry by clicking here.

See 1701News' exclusive video of this event by clicking here.

Source: 1701News

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