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VegasCon Movie Poll Doesn't Surprise Everyone

Roddenberry COO Trevor Roth says Trek fans are diverse

A lot has been said about a non-scientific poll conducted at the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August, which ranked "Star Trek: Into Darkness" the worst of all the Star Trek movies.

But not everyone agrees.

Trevor Roth, the chief operating officer of Roddenberry Entertainment -- a partner in 1701News -- told ETOnline that while he's not surprised by the poll at VegasCon, he also doesn't feel it reflects all Star Trek fans about the films directed by J.J. Abrams.

"What is great about Star Trek is that some people like this series, and some people like that series," Roth said. "When it comes to the movies, first off, the people who were voting in that particular (poll) were of the old guard. Every time you introduce something that is new, it is met with a certain amount of doubt and questions."

And just as there is infinite diversity in infinite combinations when it comes to the universe, so is the same when it comes to Trekkies.

"One of the joys of Star Trek, it does have different incarnations," Roth said. "There is one for everyone, if not more than one for everyone."

Roth pointed out that Abrams did not make the current films for existing fans, but more to broaden the audience and bring in new people. But there is still a lot of effort going into the films designed to respect the "old guard."

"I know the people who are writing the films, and these people do care about Star Trek," Roth said. "Star Trek has to grow and evolve, and you have to remember that when you're watching it, it is a living, breathing entity. You have to let it grow and change."

To see the complete interview with Roth, and get a tour of Roddenberry Entertainment and some of the rare memorabilia there, click here.

Source: ETOnline

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