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Truce For George Takei, William Shatner?

The long-standing feud may finally be coming to an end

It's not exactly clear what started the rift between classic "Star Trek" stars William Shatner and George Takei. But it seems at least one of them is looking to make it end.

Not because it would be nice that two men in their golden years have other things they can stress about, but because Takei thinks it's all an act, much like the so-called feud between Shatner and Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame.

"This is all an act," Takei recently told the Los Angeles Times. "He complained about not getting invited to (my) wedding. Everyone knows we did send an invitation. Why have this tension?"

It's not that the wedding to Brad Altman was anything spectacular. At least the way Takei describes it.

"We had a nice wedding, but it was no different from ordinary weddings," Takei said. "This was an opportunity to change people's perceptions."

Takei first publicly complained about Shatner in his 1994 book "To the Stars," saying that once the original "Star Trek" got underway in filming, Shatner would act like he didn't know who Takei was. Later, after filming a movie with John Wayne, Takei said he returned to find many of his lines in the show had shifted to Walter Koenig, who had joined as Pavel Chekov. He also complained how Shatner removed his character of Sulu receiving his first command from "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" in 1989, something that wouldn't be revealed until the beginning of "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" in 1991.

So what does Shatner think about all this? If he has an opinion, he isn't sharing it. On Twitter, he was getting ready for his next convention.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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