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Terry Farrell: I Wanted To Stay On 'Deep Space Nine'

Jadzia Dax actress opens up about what led to her departure, and how it was shared with the crew

By the time fans were getting ready for the seventh season of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," it was clear this would be the last. Because of that, it was a shock for many to find out that Terry Farrell and her character of Jadzia Dax would not be a part of it.

Reports of Farrell's departure centered on the extremely vague "failed contract talks," and it seemed even showrunner Ira Steven Behr had no idea why he suddenly had to create a new character to replace Jadzia.

Farrell recently opened up about what happened behind the scenes of those negotiations with ShowbizJunkies reporter Kurt Anthony Krug with one surprising revelation: Farrell didn't want to go. But she did leave, because of who she says was one person: franchise executive producer Rick Berman.

She was burnt-out, and wanted to reduce her time on the show.

"I knew they wouldn't say you don't have to show up until 9 a.m.," she said. "However, I did suggest in the wake of that (that) I could be recurring ... not be in every episode."

The offer from Berman, however, was take it or leave it, Farrell said. She chose to leave it.

A lot of Farrell's frustration stemmed from her inability to do other projects, or at least get ready to do other projects when DS9 wasn't in production. Farrell cites one example of earning an audition for a show with comedian Jerry Seinfeld after casting producers spotted her on the cover of TV Guide with "Star Trek: Voyager" star Jeri Ryan. She was hoping to get a few days off to audition, but Berman wouldn't let her.

"It's a week. It's five days," Farrell said. "How many people are on DS9? There's a lot. The truth is, there's many episodes where all of us had very little to do because other people were starring in them, including recurring guest stars."

DS9 was definitely known for its large ensemble of recurring characters, like Andrew J. Robinson's spy-turned-tailor Cardassian character Garak. Those actors could come and go, and didn't have to commit to specific shooting schedules. But main cast members like Farrell — despite having reduced screen time compared to other shows because of the ensemble — couldn't have the same benefits.

"It's great that they got the deal where they could go out and do stuff," Farrell said. "But knowing that was possible, it wasn't being made possible for me. I was only asking for five days, not five weeks."

It wasn't until just a few years ago Farrell ran into Behr at a convention, and was able to really talk about what happened for the first time.

"I thought poor Ira was gonna projectile vomit when I told him," Farrell said. "He was just so shocked. He's like, 'We could've done that.'"

Hearing that really helped Farrell find closure for that departure. "It made me feel so much better because I'd been carrying this around — 'Nobody wanted to fight for me, really?' I just couldn't believe that."

Farrell retired from acting more than a decade ago to focus on her family, but is still a regular at Star Trek conventions around the country. She does hope to return to acting, Krug reveals, but there's still no timetable.

Read Krug's full interview with Farrell by clicking here.

Source: ShowbizJunkies

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