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Trek Community Celebrates Supreme Court Marriage Decision

Twitter came alive this week not just for 'Star Trek 3,' but for gay marriage too

Not wanting to be upstaged by the first week of filming of "Star Trek 3," the U.S. Supreme Court decided to dominate the news cycle this past week with a couple of key rulings.

While one was huge for the Obama administration and his legacy piece, the Affordable Care Act, the other had an impact on many other Americans.

In a split 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court said states not allowing same-sex marriage was a violation of the 14th Amendment.

It was a widely expected win, but still didn't mute the jubilation celebrated by many in the LGBT community, and its supporters. That includes those in the Star Trek community as well.

None, of course, have been more outspoken on the topic than George Takei, who played Sulu in the original "Star Trek" series. After publicly coming out more than a decade ago, Takei has been a champion of gay marriage rights, and even married his longtime partner Brad Takei the moment he legally could.

Takei took to Twitter following Friday's ruling, and had some fun things to say.

But Takei was not alone. "Star Trek" icon William Shatner didn't say anything specifically about the ruling on his Twitter feed, but his profile icon was adjusted to add a rainbow flag.

Others in the Trek community did say more. Here is a small taste of what was said.

Source: 1701News

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